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Your machine vision solutions partner
Visicon was created to provide a technical resource for OEMs, distributors and end users.
Visicon is a single point solution for your consultation, evaluation, supply, development, commissioning, service, support and training requirements.
What is machine vision?
Machine vision is an essential component of how digital systems interact with the real world. It lets automated systems see components, products, patterns, codes, or other objects and use that information to make decisions.
Since it allows manufactured parts and products to be inspected, measured, and sorted, machine vision has vastly increased the power and flexibility of industrial automation. Machine vision does all this at high speeds and high accuracy, improving product quality and reducing waste.
Machine vision also lets automated equipment locate objects, identify them, and save information about their material, condition, orientation, and other details for later analysis. That data is critical to factories looking for efficiency gains.

Machine vision is the lifeblood of any quality control and inspection solution and using the correct products can significantly increase production and reduce costs, by eliminating manual errors and avoiding damaging product recall. Visicon can supply a full range of machine vision systems from simple one camera installations to advanced multi camera solutions. We also provide bespoke user interfaces and custom reject methods to ensure seamless integration with your production lines.

Cognex has always been at the core of what Visicon does, and we are please to be recognised as an official Partner Systems Integrator (PSI). Cognex PSIs are handpicked from around the world for not only their technical expertise and product knowledge but also their wider industry and automation expertise to ensure they can provide the very best in integrated Cognex machine vision systems.
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